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I screeched!! really!! after that… i cried!! ahhhhhhh… what a twist!! not that i din expect it to come…but this is too much…Byakuya… I LOVE YOU!! i fell right in love with you AGAIN… i was in love with Aizen before that… haiz… *slapz myself*

I will protect you, Sister

Sorry for the spoiler but i cannot control my emotions.. this is an immediate post RIGHT after i read the chapter… my GOD!! how much cooler can Byakuya be??
i hope he doesnt die from this… i knew right from the beginning that he really loves his sister… but er… not to this extent.. i tot it’s just normal “She’s my sister” kind of thing…
Don’t worry..other than this Ultra-big spoiler for Bleach-non-manga-but-only-watches-anime-fans … im not gonna say anything else… this chapter reveals lots of important stuff…
if u think the anime is too slow(which i seriously tot so since episode 10 ++; n kind of stopped watching but continue downloading) u should start reading the anime which is (much much much much) x 10000 more serious and nicer than the anime…
u can still feel the great action scenes without the animation…
ok..for the scenes that lead up to this super duper touching scene ….
[right click + “Open in new window” to read the wordings]

Ichigo looks helpless... The attack!! with Ichigo looking even more helpless!! Even with Gin's ultra mini eyes.. he can 'see' something's coming up... n it's ---- my super duper cutiee!!! Byakuya-sama!!

Without a word spoken … the eyes sent a clear message, “I will protect you”

*kyaaaaaaaa* *nose bleeds* *faints from lack of blood*

please mind me… i just kind of got too excited …coz it’s been a long time since a manga page has gotten me THIS excited … the last page was Itachi-sama!! ^_^ but it wasnt the same kind of feeling… maybe if Itachi-sama carries Sasyke n blocks an attack for him…i might have an even greater reaction… hahaha
^_^ *sinful grinz*



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