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I was in Orchard with my mom … n sis.. n boyfriend…
n i got a belated ‘ang bao’ aka red packet from an auntie for my birthday…
n i went on a SHOPPING SPREE for CDs at HMV!!!
guess what i bought???
i bought Gackt’s Love letter(latest album i think)
and Luna Sea’s SLOW
yup yup
that added up to S$104++ !!! im MAD!! can u imgaine how much manga(note that i used the word MUCH not MANY) u can buy with that amt… n i can easily download that album… but i thought i wanna support my fav band and singer!! ^_^

so after spending so much… i felt really bad at first…
but after listening to their albums…. i guess IM NEVER GONNA REGRET BUYING THEM!!
they are SPLENDID!!!
n im gonna share it with you guys…
i’ve ripped Gackt’s album (not very high quality though… if i do that… each file will be at least 11Mb…)
n i will upload them one by one…ALL the songs..i repeat..ALL of GACKT’s songs are nice!! ^_^

u can send in your requests after u see the tracks being available in OrangeBox..n not Coming soon list!! kkkk??
man im so excited… this is the first time im sharing my own CDs..
i feel like a “Pirate” … if u know what i mean…
i shall scan the booklet n share with all of u when im free…
not that free right now as i gotta go watch GS Destiny 27 *yay*

NB : if any of you wants Luna Sea’s SLOW(the album), please leave a comment either under this post or at the tagboard(dun send me emails… i got phobia of seeing incoming mails now!! ^_^ but i will still send u your requests as soon as i can)…i will see if ALOT of u wants it…
if there’s a huge demand…i shall upload it after Gackt’s album…

-Angeline- shall embed Gackt’s songs soon!! ^_^


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