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eh … sounds weird…. but nevermind…
i just met my 50++ year old Daddy and he told me my Baby SIS is born…
man i was waiting to get a lil’ bro…now he tell me it’s a girl..
n i told all my friends im getting a LIL’BRO!!! ahhhh…but i will still love her very much….just like my other sis , Tiffany…
just that this…her name’s not very nice!!
it’s Ng Qin Feng… mine’s Ng Qin Lin…
her’s wind n mine’s together it forms the chinese word for “Wind Chime”

my dadddy told me that he’s gonna try again for a son.. n my future lil’bro’s name will be Ng Qin Shan!?!?!?!?!
wat the fuck??
Shan == Mountains in chinese….wat an ugly name!!
i was beggin him to change my sis’s name n he’s telling me that it sounds nice…
wat poor taste
i told him i’ll give her a christian/english name when i visit her in June…
oh by the way,they are living in Thailand…
cant wait for that to come… ^_^

oh…the age difference between MeiMei(the nickname that i’ve already decided for my baby sis) n me is 21 freaking years….
i tot the age diff between Tiffany(my mom’s side baby sis; my parents divorced since i was 1!!) and me is big enough (it’s 14 years by the way) but now…
21 freaking years…man!! im old enough to be Meimei’s mom!!
n my dad’s gonna teach her Thai first..instead of English…(her mom’s a thai…n i call her Jiejie.. not auntie coz our age diff not that great)
how weird…WHAT A WEIRD family i have…
but i think im okay with it!!




  1. all this time, i thought being 8 years younger than my bro was quite the difference.

  2. haha 8 years is nothing compared to my 14 & 21 years age of difference man bro~~ hahaha
    never congratulate me … hahaha

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