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I LOVE this episode like mad~~~
so i ctrl+i like mad too~ n the results??? —> 73 Screenshots captured from this single episode!! hahaha
therefore im not going to upload all but just some of my favourite scenes…
im gonna zip them up and upload it into Orangebox!! (since it’s working now…im gonna abuse it till the max!! Yay~ im evil!!)

~*Please do not go on reading if you cannot accept Shounen-ai*~

***Spoilers ahead + screenshotz harzard lvl Medium!!***
(To read subtitles from the pictures, right click then choose “Open in new window” ; Comments available as usual ; Leave ur cursor on the pic n u’ll see some really lame yet informational comments by yours truely!! ^_^ For IE users only)

Ritsuka's with his shrink again...treating his 'spilt personality' problem~ An idiotic guy who likes the 'idiotic' Yuiko ... he commented that Ritsuka's short!! but he's shorter!! hahaha XD Sensei reminding Ritsuka abt the god damned 'Bring the Parents Day' YEAH!! Smoking should be banned!! Before this, Ritsuka was saying Soubi's late n that he hasnt been meeting him for a whole Soubi says 'You're in love with me?' lolz... *meltz* i just love Soubi's expression!! The shocker in this episode!! Soubi's a UNI student!?!? argh... n here im thinking that he's not real...coz he sound so robotic with the 'suki dayo'~ Soubi gives Ritsuka a cellphone to bridge a connection between them~ n says 'Call me anytime'...I want your number Soubi!! If you dont wan to be lonely or anxious... you can call me with this...*kyaaaa* *faints from excitment* 'Because sometimes when you use your tongue...'~At Yuiko's house... Soubi teaching Ritsuka 'The Art of Tongue Part 1' *metlz* 'you bit it or get it bitten' ~ Bit my tongue Soubi!!! -- 'The Art of Tongue Part 2' I cant believe Soubi said that... lolz... but he actually thinks Ritsuka's short-ness is cute~ i cant wait for him to grow taller...hmm but come to think of it, he might not be as cute when he's taller~ yep, training starts...what training?? err...i dunno yet...~ Soubi looks SOOO good when he ties his hair up... *wanna kiss him* this Kio-kun seems like Soubi's 'partner' to me... he doesnt have ears too~ Ritsuka thinking of Soubi~ *poor thing* and Soubi appears from his balcony again~ 'Pierce me...' Soubi says... sounds misleading huh!?? hahaha... oh skipping all the wrong screenshots here...n im making this scene looks as if it's so yaoi!! haha it's not... really~ trust me!! i think im making things worst... hahaha but i really like this scene when Soubi hugs Ritsuka on his waist~ though it looks a little paedophilic Told ya there's no Yaoi stuff~'s a ear piercing~ After piercing both sides ... Ritsuka collapse into Soubi's arms... 'Does it hurt?' he asks... The comforting kiss on the forehead... i like kisses on the forehead.. i think it's an act that shows tat the kisser respect & loves the person that's kissed~ Ritsuka chasing Soubi away after Soubi refuses to answer the question about 'Seven Moon'... 'Order me. Say Come to Parents Day' *kyaaa* Ritsuka finally says something ... err.. passionate(?) 'Im tired of thinking of nothing else but you...' lolz Farewell 'Robotic Suki dayo' from SOubi... On his way back, Soubi's thinking 'I went to Ritsuka just like Seimei told me to, but...' BUT??? *kyaaa* 'I didnt think i'd fall in love with him' --  at first i was wondering if his 'suki dayo'-s were his true feelings... now im more affirmed...^_^ After the 'Meet Parents Sesion'(in which both his parents din attend),Ritsuka invites Yuiko-chan and the guy who likes her to make memories(take photos) with him...

Next up is the series of my “MOSTEST FAVOURITEST”(this is my favourite phrase to describe a very extreme feeling in my heart ^_^) scene in this episode!!

Image hosted by
“Why are you here?” Ritsuka says. Obviously, he wants Soubi to be there… lolz but since he gave the order for Soubi not to turn up for the Parents’ Day thingy… he tot he should ask why Soubi ‘went against’ his order~

Image hosted by Image hosted by
“You said not to come to Parents’ Day” Soubi says. “But you didnt tell me not to come to meet you…” GOOD ONE Soubi!! nice job… i love the next statement even more!! i totally fell in love with Soubi when i heard (or should i say ‘SAW’ since i read the subtitles) it!!!

Image hosted by
“And you also didn’t tell me not to fall in love with you…”
*KYAAAAA* *nose bleeds* + *faints*
that’s so…er…ROMANTIC~~ 2nd place!! 2nd place to the one that Konrad said in Kyou Kara Maou …the one about “I’ll be in the same place that you’ll be going”
(if you didnt read the post “Romantica~” you wun know what the hell im talking about)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
and well…Ritsuka accepted him … i guess~
they also decided to make more memories(taking pictures) together…
n the dreaded “To be continued…” comes flashing at me!!!

Sexiest thing Soubi said in this episode!!
Soubi : “Because sometimes when you use your tongue…you bit it or get it bitten…”

yup… that’s the end for this post!!
*super luvz this episode*
gotta go read my mangas…
I bought some today ~ (not’s a whole lot of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

-Angeline- loves Soubi!! loves LOVELESS!!~


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