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eh …i wont be doing Desiny’s screenshots…
coz im too lazy and that episode is all that fantastic…
so im gonna do my latest craze…Kyou Kara Maou!!
n it’s the latest episode … episode 42!!
i’ve only gotten the RAW though…so i dont really know what the hell they’re talking about…
therefore i will only say the things that im more than 60% confirm … but im still very prone to mistakes coz i dun noe japanese at all… ^_^

[Im eating Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream while i do this post…so i might be a little ‘high’ XD]

***Screenshots hazard + spoiler ahead***

This episode is mainly about the past… eh …it’s mostly Shou-chan’s (Yuuri’s elder brother) memories of the past… he’s one brother that loves his younger brother like hell~ ^)^

we get to see Yuuri’s entire family in this episode unlike before…when we only get to witness how ‘air-head’ (not that bad actually; but can u believe it when the father told the mom that he’s a Mazoku & the mom got all excited that their kids might have wings?!? n when Shou-chan n Yuuri-chan dont have any..she’s actually disappointed!?!) his mom is ….and we also know that his mom likes to dress him up as a girl (a very cute one indeed) when he was young!!

Image hosted by
The episode starts with Shou-chan and Yuuri-chan talking to the Maou of the Mazoku’s on Earth(i think so…if my memory never fails me; he looks like one… ^_^)

Image hosted by
I guess The Maou said something about Yuuri gotta leave to be the Maou in the other world… n Shou-chan is getting all defensive about his precious little brother…(actually…i really dunno what they’re talking about here)
but isnt Yuuri CUTE?!?!

(comments available…just leave your cursor on the picture!! only for IE users though -_-“)
and the episode starts...but i dunno what's the title for this episode!! Call me Mama n not by my name... (i think that's what she said) Yuuri's father's reaction when he heard that Yuuri's going out with a friend coz he promised to ... n he's going wild coz he thought there's a lack of communication between father & son!! *lolz* A grown up Shou-chan and Yuuri talking about..err..i dunno what..seems to be baseball to me...but i really dunno~ He sighs and says Yuuri will be cuter if he's a younger sister...*lolz* i cant deny that Whole family having breakfast This is in the past when the family was still in America... Mama n Papa seems to be quarelling...or seems more like Mama's angry with Papa...something about going to a party ...but im not sure as usual~ Shou-chan and Yuuri-chan(dressed as a girl) watching tv in the hotel room...isnt Yuuri cute?!?! *metlz* Even Papa says Yuu-chan is cute~

Image hosted by Image hosted by
These are the screenshots of the episode…!!!
argh…sorry for the number of exclaimation marks…but …
sorry…i’ll continue

oh no...Mama seems really pissed!! n she does what a woman's super good at...THREATEN to leave~with the children hahaha Shou-chan got pissed with his parents nonsense-kind of behaviour and decides to bring Yuu-chan out!! Yuu-chan wanna go to the amusement park...~ Shou-chan n Yuu-chan enjoying themselves....this is SOOOO cute too~ While eating ice-cream...Yuu-chan accidentally spill it on a gangster(ah beng)!! Immediate reaction? runs into aniki's arms for security!! how cute?!? n of course...the gangsters(ah bengs) confronts the two poor + cute lil' children n trys to terrorize them...but well.. the Maou of Earth to the rescue!! ohhh.... Yuu-chan thinks its magic!! n asks Maou-san to do it again...!! ^_^ Three of them sit under the evening sun and!! n i dun really get what they are talking about so i shant talk about it also... A lil' encouragement for the future Maou?!? hehe... Yuu-chan fell asleep while the two chat... how cute?!?! Back to present time... Yuuri's out buying things with Murata...n he shudders...why?! haha coz Shou was just thinking 'No matter what happens to you, Brother will be there to save you' or something like that... Murata and Yuuri pass by a ballpark and err... there's a 'wild ball' n ...Yuuri runs for it... haha he stumbles on a small little puddle of water n well... gets transported back to the OtherWorld!! back to the places where everyone's(including his fiance Wolfram) waiting for him!! oh that includes MY fiance too~ hahaha Konrad's back with New Makoku already ~ *so happie* He seems obsessed with Yuuri~ also...he gives wierd looks when Yuuri talks n mentions Konrad(sometimes only) that's why i dont think he's a good guy ~ he looks evil in this scene too~ Murata just dont seem as good as he is to me~

yeah..done~ im always very happie when im done with a post… becoz i can post it !!
eh …that’s not a very valid reason but still…lolz

-Angeline- enjoying the Strawberry Cheesecake IceCream from Haagen Dazs~


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