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It’s been a while… there’s been lots of pages that tempted me to post a MPD entry…but i’ve been bz studying~ *bows*
but this is one page that made me screech!! (I hope i didnt wake my grouchy uncle up)
ITACHI-SAMAAAAA!!! I miss you so much!!! Aiishiteru!!!
man ~ can someone stop me!!


Itachi-sama’s back in action… i just cant wait for the next chapter…and Naruto’s anime is talking about the past involving mini-Sasuke & Young-Itachi-sama…. makes me think of him even more!!!
more!! MORE!! i want more of Itachi-sama!! he’s just so …err… cute!! (but on a serious note, the word ‘cute’ will never get involved with Itachi Uchiha … *sweatz*)

Chap 256 tells alot of important information…
hmmm… shall i say??
it starts with Gai and gang finally in battle with that “Suiton-jutsu guy” (sorry, i cant remember his name lolz)
and u can see how good the whole team of Neji, Lee and Tenten work together…
and the scene swtiches to Naruto, Kakashi , Sakura and the old Hag of Sand Vilage…
The old hag then reveals one important piece of information…
*Spoiler ahead* (highlight to reveal)
She says that there are nine Bijyuus(== Tail Beast)…n their names represent the number of tails they have (e.g. The one in Naruto is the Kyuubi thus nine tails …kyuu is nine in jap ; the one in Gaara , the Shuukaku… another name for it is Ichibi…thus it has one tail…; there are nibi n so on n so forth also…) … she doesnt know what the Akatsuki is gathering them for … but preparing the extraction process requires a period of time… (3 years maybe??)

and after that… we see a somewhat-look-like an extraction process … something is drawn out of poor cute Gaara… boohooz…sad for him…
n there are nine eyes on the thingy that sucked the (i assume) Shuukaku from Gaara…n wat’s horrifying (to me) is that…two of them are opened!!

*End of Spoiler*

I dunno what’s gonna come next…n im too lazy to guess.. just gonna wait n see… ^_^ i cant wait to see my most ultra beloved Itachi-sama in action…*muackz* x 10 n sends them flying to Itachi-sama + wishes him good luck in capturing Naruto…~ (EH!!?! dun hate me for that…)
*chants* “Next chapter! Next chapter! Next chapter! Next chapter!” I shall do that till i get the next chapter …lolz XD

-Angeline- too exhilarated to see Itachi-sama…~


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