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eh … i know i should be studying … ahhh …my 1st paper’s less than a day away!!
but after i watched Aquarion episode 1, im totally taken by the anime!!
it’s so…eh…COOL!!! ^_^ not to mention that there are alot of cute guys in the show piloting COOL mecha…
The main character’s name is Apollo, he apparently grew up in the slumps…haha…eh … n he’s quite cute plus he reminds me of Tate Yuuchi from Mai Hime…lolz
he posses Elemental ability and supposedly has the Solar Wings…
ehh…something to do with his past life from 12,000 years ago (or something like that)
very complicated and im still not so sure about all these details yet…
and there’s this girl named Silvia(is it?) she’s a hime(princess) , i think so…since she calls her brother(whose name is Sirius) onii-sama, her partner calls her hime too~ argh…complicated!!!
but her onii-sama’s cute!! n he pilots Vector Mars
anyway … im not going to give a scene by scene summary…(coz i gotta study~~ but im gonna do it for future episodes after my exams!! ^_^)
but just some screenshots so that you can have a feel~ it’s really very cool, with a nice OST and animation…
did i mention that the mechas are cool too?? err…i think i did~

***a little bit of spoiler plus a little Screenshot harzard***
Comments are available for IE users!! ^_^ Leave ur cursor on the pics for the lame (eh no i mean witty + informational) comments!! enjoy~

The solar wing has awaken...and the one who possess it is the hero of Atlantis (or something like that) Guy with orange hair(Apollo) is suspected to be the one with the solar wings, though after Sylivia and her partner checked his back, he doesnt seem to haven any... Aquarion Luna after Nenshin Gattai (Burning Heart Combination) which three mechas combine together to form one... humans used as weapons... did i mention that their enemies are called 'Fallen Angels'... Apollo and his solar wings as he descend into The Mechanical Angel,Aquarion...! Someone's guiding him~ but who is it? he looks like Apollo's past life, Apollonius to me~ Apollo's combination must be different frm the rest, -_-... his is called 'Sousei Gattai' == Holy Genesis Union ... which is with Sirius & Silvia Apollonius and Seria The trio that forms Solar Aquarion! Wonderful graphics !! Solar Aquarion bashes enemy!! ^_^ Is it me or does it seem that Apollo's the only one that's doing the job?! KO!! Next Episode..i just cant wait for the fansub to be out!! but ...but who's this super cute guy!?! im a sucker for long hair cute guys...-_-

ahhhh…it’s 1523 … i gotta go study!!



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