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hey … it’s been a long long time since i last did a MPD … and i’ve been spelling MPD as MDP all the while… but i went back to correct every post…
*bleah* anyway… i should be studying but after reading the latest release of Akuma na Eros… i couldnt stop myself from sharing the *Kyaaaaa* kind of feeling for this page!!!

I came to take you home

Mayu Shinjo’s one of the best shoujo manga artist in my POV … the manga stories she draws are really great…and basically involves everything that will melt and touch your heart…. Akuma na Eros is about the love between Satan and a human girl…and how Satan is not that ‘evil’ and how much he sacrifices for the girl…
all her male characters are absolutely gorgeous i must say… n i fell in love with almost each and every one of them after reading her stories…
another heart-captor is Hakuron from Haou Airen … (Simin will agree with me), I hope Akuma na Eros does not end with a sad ending like Haou Airen… I dont want to break my monitor or my CPU for that… ^_^

oh …back to this page that i featured… Miu(the female main character) ‘died’ — just as Akuma proposed to her asking her to go down to hell with him n be his wife…though she must ‘die’ for that to happen — but Michael the angel took her body to heaven as he does not want to forfeit her soul to ‘death’…
to get his love back, Akuma aka Kai decides to barge into ‘enemy’s territory’ i.e. heaven , a second time… as he’s a fallen angel …(if u dont know about that)

the latest chapter’s really good … but it took a little too long to be released… boohooz… i waited really really long… -_-”
let’s just hope the next chapter(which i think is the showdown between Michael and Akuma aka Kai will be released soon!!

that’s all …gotta go study now… i lead a really sad n pathetic life… three more days to my first paper…shit… i hate counting down!!



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