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eh … im quite stone… so i dunno wat to say for this episode…it’s fansubbed by AniRupt (Seed Fansub havent released theirs….*sad*)
lots of information given… alittle shocker at the back…
and kind of bloody .. hahaha
that’s all im gonna say…
maybe im just gonna add comments for the screenshots…
just leave your cursor on the pics…(IE users only)

oh and there’s a new OP…it’s sung by a 15 year old girl!!
chosen from an audition of dunno how many thousands of people!!
hahaa it’s not as good as Pride in my POV but still not that bad…
though i think it doesnt sound like some Gundam Seed Destiny song…
eh… u noe what i mean!!

n im starting to hate Athrun…what’s with him and Plant’s representative…
he might as well marry him instead of Cagalli…argh!!! >_Is this Mwu la Fllaga?? hmm... New OP!! Shinn helping Rey out of the facility... we later know that it's the Rodnia research facility owned by EAF... Athrun giving the 'im peace-keeper, you're not' attitude...pisses me off even though im his fan!! I guess he's hinting that his heart wants to go back to Orb with Cagalli-tachi but situation doesnt allow so... Rey recalls being in the facility with the Dullindal and someone else...(mini Rey is so cute!!) Dullindal and the mysterious man speak to each other ...though we dunno what r they talking abt the mysterious person sickeningly looks like Kuluze... or is it Mwu... Rey says he's okie!! --- Rey and Shinn are sent to check for viruses or if they contracted any biological stuff frm the facility Minerva's crew checks the creepy facility out!! He got freaked out by a dead body not knowing that there are more to come!! It feels alittle like resident Evil!! but well, the whole place is filled with dead bodies...decaying ones to be specific Shinn is pissed again...~ Checking what's going on in this facility... just to find out that poor children are being used to be weapons of war...*haiz* wat are the people of EAF thinking??? poor children... those who failed the expectations are killed mercilessly...those who passed became battle freaks like Sting Auel and Stellar!! As i was saying...they became weapons for war...n they are under control by EAF Training in progress Children learning to kill... Battle simulation... he seems to be the most stable one among the three of them Auel recalls his 'Mom' n starts going crazy!! Shinn finally got pissed for a a reasonable reason!! haha sorry!! Stellar rushes out mumbling 'Mom...Protect...' haha~err,she's kind of unstable...isnt she? Stablizing Auel... Saviour, Impulse and Gaia in a battle...the beam's shot by think~ Impulse giving a critical hit!! and blasted a hole right through the cockpit...*wat a coincidence* he really should learn how to aim at non-critical points - like Kira n Athrun! After zooming in on Stellar.. he then realizes that's her!! haha, eh no i shouldnt laugh... he's damn shock...coz he just shot at the girl he hugged and spent the night naked with!! She looks pretty dead...though she will not die !! trust me... haha~ she has a long way to go with Shinn...

im finally done with it… this episode is really good… Thankx AniRupt for the fansub!! ^_^
oh and… this is one last screenshot i wanna show all of you!!

Spoiler of Phase 25

“The ugly Yuna”

he looks so …eh…gay!! hahaha… i wanna say clown-nish..but that will insult clowns…
but oh no.. i insulted gays too~
NOOOOooo… im so sorry *bows to apologise*
i dint mean it!! ^_^
i should say he’s just UGLY~!! suckY!! can someone just strangle him n kill him so that he will not appear in Destiny anymore?!?!

-Angeline- feels sad that she’s starting to dislike Athrun… *sobz*


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