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after being apart from the most important thing in my life for one day, i almost died…
i cant stop thinking of it for the whole of last night at my mom’s house ….
luckily i’ve gotten my newly acquired manga “Billion Girl” vol.1-9 to accompany me…
though i still think about my ‘second husband’ after that…lolz

n my god… i’ve bought almost a hundred dollars worth of manga this weekend alone…
haha…i think i’ve gone crazy…
but well…
my birthday’s coming soon…*hint* *hint*
XD so im gonna pamper myself a little more!!

Billion Girl’s a super hilarious manga… kind of romantic too~
gonna feature it the next time…but not today
im damn tired…coz i accompanied two crazy women for shopping at Millenia Walk…
n what they were shopping for??
ChocolateS!!! Tidbits!!!
they’ve bought a total of 100++ bucks worth of chocolates n tidbits…
n before my bf came.. im the ‘bag-carrier’
damn poor thing…. *pat my own head in self-pity*
i HATE shopping… though i got my reward after that coz i bought a new pair of slipper and a new sweater!!!
i love sweaters… even in hot weather…
they just look cool!!

Eric bought me this pink Nalgene water bottle that i hinted … *good job*
^_^ so i shall be nicer to him… not that im mean to him normally!! *winkz*

oh… im super tired now… my eyes cant focus…(they must be exhausted from the marathoning of Billion Girl 01-09 last night)
so im gonna rest early tonight…
shall crap more tomorrow…
^_^ Buenas noches people!!!



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