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im finally doin’ this… i cant stand my own procastination… haiz…
anyway … my blog is so quiet… there are hits (i.e. people visitin’) but nobody’s saying anything… *sad* *soo hurt* joking
come on… say something… praise me… or say my blog sux… or watever…
give some comments in the comments section or leave a message on the tagboard…
one of my friends suggested me to get a forum… and i was like “huh?? dun wan la… i only got a few visitors a day, not enough to go get a forum…it’ll be damn pathetic..”

oh…sorrie i digressed!! back to Naruto 129 …
after watching this episode… i fell even more deeply in love with Itachi…
from this episode… i can see that… he seems to love Sasuke alot …
hmm… but what the hell went wrong??
i really wanna know… let’s hope it’s revealed soon…

okie …less words..more pix…to view comments… leave your mouse on the screenshots…(only works for IE users; so sorry!!)

***Spoiler ALERT!! + Screenshotz Hazard!!***

Naruto got through Sasuke's Katon Ryuka no jutsu!! and gives him a punch that seem to have NO effect on the almighty Sasuke!! o_0 Naruto's super shocked reaction from witnessing Sasuke being unhurt by all his punches!! n he tot he was getting somewhere with all the 'powerful punches' *ouch* his knuckles look really painful... Sasuke's face must be made of steel!! or else his skin must be damn thick!! argh... I don't even have to use my Sharingan to fight you!!! bwah ha ha ha!! nono he goes *fu fu fu* like Orochimaru!! grrr... n Naruto's punches are too slow...*haiz* You lack Power and Feeling!! Itachi holding Sasuke up like how Sasuke held Naruto in the previous episode with superhuman strength...hmmz~ Hatred's the word Sasuke!! Down goes Naruto after being kicked by Sasuke...why does Naruto seem so powerless in front of Sasuke now?? just this very part of the fight?? hmm... if u noe wat i mean... Pardon my ignorance but why did Sasuke take Naruto's bag if he doesnt even have any use n intends to return it to him in the first place??!? After so long, the title of this episode finally comes out!! I like the look on Itachi when he piggy back chibi-Sasuke... don't u think he looks very kind n calm...^_^ *meltz* this is where my father-in-law err...sorry haha... Papa Uchiha works... ^_^ oh ...Father-in-law-sama... hahaha...he's as cold as ever~

Image hosted by
Now now…this is the part where i think Itachi actually really seriously loves Sasuke and dotes him 100% as a brother… ^_^
coz he 3/4 threatened his father to attend Sasuke’s entrance ceremony to the academy… isnt it sweet…?!?!
haiz…dunno wat happened when he was an ANBU that causes him to be what he is now…
why?!? Itachi-sama…WHY???

okok let’s continue!!

Sandaime!! I missed you!! Sasuke's so cute when he blushed at some compliments... The culprit that caused Sasuke to blush!! lolz Image hosted by my father-in-law as cold as ever!! argh!! melt Papa Uchiha...melt!! must i teach u how to?? Mini-shikamaru and i really miss them... 'As expected of my son,' had caused Sasuke's mind to be twisted...*sad* words arent impt, it's the true feelings n the actions that matter... but sometimes... it's only the words we hear... we cant see nor feel the actions n feelings...

Mother-in-law-sama…your daughter-in-law is here to see you…*shiver a bit* *blush blush* … haha isnt Momo Uchiha pretty…??there must be something wrong with her eyes for her to be married to Papa Uchiha…hahaha…Father-in..err..nono Papa Uchiha…i was joking… Mama Uchiha saw through ur kindness through ur ugly n cold expressions … hahhaa…that must be it!! *nod* *nod*

As expected of my little brother-in-law Sasuke.... see i've said it...happy?!?! hahahaa--- i think he'll cry if he hears this... Papa Uchiha seems like he doesnt give a damn.. u think so?? the few words Sasuke wanna hear... the family squabbled in the middle of the night n woke Sasuke up!! after that, scolded him n asked him to go back to sleepp?? wat fuck?? The two brothers that are destined to fight each other for survival...

Image hosted by
Itachi : “I’m the barrier you must overcome, so you and I will continue to exist together.”

:: Other things Itachi said in this scene ::

“Power causes you to become isolated and arrogant. In the beginning, you only aim for what you dream of.”

The arrival of the Troublemakers!! The suicide note left by Shisui...

His Sharingan is up by one level… from two nodes become three…i dunno how u call that…the manga mentioned it b4..but i forgotten…you’ll have to fulfil something to get that level of Sharingan…not going to spoil it for u if u dun read the manga…
but i will tell u that he did tell Sasuke how to get that “Three-nodes Sharingan” thingy…

Image hosted by
Sasuke witnessed the whole fight…

:Things that Itachi said to the Troublemakers:

“You shouldnt judge others by their appearences and your preconceptions.
… All of you, without measuring your own capacity … had no idea of mine.
And now, you lie here, defeated.”

Image hosted by
“You focus on your group and you focus on your clan, and you focus on your name.
These kind of things should be done away with, as it restrains us and our capabilities.
Also, things we have not seen yet and things that we do not know yet…
It is foolish to fear them.”

Image hosted by
“To reach the height … my capacity …I’ve lost all hope for this pathetic clan.”

“You forget what is most important to you because you’re not letting go
of a lesser thing, the clan.”

“There is no room for change if rules and regualtions, expectatioins and wishes,
prevent it from happening.”

Image hosted by
and Sasuke remembers how much his bro has changed from the Itachi that goes on talking about the Uchiha clan n the police force with the ultra kind look on his face!! *sad*

The threat to arrest my Itachi-sama... how dare u..punk head!!

Sasuke shouts ‘Enough…stop’– i dunno if it’s to ask them to not arrest his bro or to ask Itachi to stop sprouting his ‘nonsense’…hmmz…i guess it’s the latter…

Itachi looks as if he woke up from some trance… see Lil’Bro-power!! it seems that Sasuke is the only one to save him…(my own deduction)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
why must my Itachi-sama kneel before other people…
but well…he made sure they pay back…so its okie~~ *evil snigger*

Image hosted by Image hosted by
The power of his Sharingan?? his nodes seem to be able to change shape..
i wonder what’s that about…
maybe it’s genjutsu or something like that…but it’s ultra cool!!! *meltz*

Image hosted by Image hosted by
and the fight between Naruto and Sasuke continues after the flashback…but i dont think the fight’s going to start that soon… that means…MORE flashback next episode… hahaha
so that’s all…see ya!!!

-Angeline- loves loves loves Atobe n Tezuka!!


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