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i just downloaded this episode RAW…
argh!! it’s agonizing when you dont understand what all those cute guys are talking about!!
the main character Ritsuka(i think it’s spelt like that) is voiced by the Seiyuu who voiced Ryoma-sama!!!
the character reminds me a little of Ryoma from Prince of Tennis.. they look somewhat similar… or maybe POT just left an impression that’s too deep in my heart!! boohooz i love POT!!

this anime has really nice artwork and OST … the OP is superb!! wanna get my OST-maniac hands on it noW!! but i dunno where to get it… still searching thoughz… if anyone knows…please kindly tell me!

oh about the artwork… the characters are very well drawn… i love them alot… the girl (the only significant girl) with pink hair’s pretty with big boobs… though she seem rather air-head to me!! hahaha
the people from Aarinfantasy’s forum said they have plans to fansub this series!!
i cant wait to watch it subbed so that i can understand what the heck’s going on~!


kk i shall show u some nice nice pics from the show… without spoiling it!!
eh…?? okok it contains a teeny wheeny bit of spoiler… not alot!!
n not.. i din capture any shot of the big booby girly…

and i dunno what the heck is the story abt yet… only know Ritsuka guy’s real name supposed to be “LovelesS” and the guy with long blonde hair.. his real name’s supposed to be “Beloved”
wat a pair…^_^
i love “Beloved” he’s super cute!! n HOT!!

ok now the sneakz

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

and did i mention that the people inside(other than “Beloved”) has cat ears?!!
arent they cute?!?!

-Angeline- wanna have the OP for LOVELESS!!!!



  1. hi!!! konnichiwa well ..Good news!!
    i’ve got Loveless opening( i found it in a germany’s page although i didn’t understand anything i could managed ..Anyway ..if you want to downloaded it i’ll give you my email well this is my email:…lucky you could see loveless i couldn’t find it anywhere but i guess i must wait..but i’m impatient..
    well i’ll leave you
    lots of kisses
    Pd:I forgot to introduce myself my name is Andrea(Alias:Sayuri) and i’m from Buenos Aires Argentina

  2. Sorry it’s me again I want to congratulate you for your page i really like it and it’s well informed and Now I don’t have to go to bestanime …to find out about brand news animes ..well i won’t bother you anymore besides i’m writing an english composition ..and it’s very long ..sorry teacher …i know that you told me that you don’t want long compositions but teacher you always request a lot hehehe
    i must go now

    lost of kisses

  3. hihi … glad to see such a passionate person… i’ve got Loveless OP too~ this post is a rather old one… lolz..~ ^_^ it’s really nice for u to offer though…
    if u wanna find loveless u can try to download it at
    i think they might have direct downloads for it…

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