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Damn the stupid rain… it crept up on me when i was sleeping… n now i have to re-wash all the clothes that i left out there to dry …
n it was still all bright and shiny before i went to sleep?!?!

im so so sleepy n grouchy now… studied all the way till 4 a.m. with Simin last night…
oh … i forgotten to say, Simin came over to stay over at my place for one night…
it was really fun to make the chocolate fondue (with Cadbury Milk Chocolate) and dip Ritz biscuit in it… that’s basically our supper…
i hope my place isnt too shabby… hahaha coz poor Simin had to sleep on the mattress…
im so sorry!!! (-_-*)

Anyway … you should try the Ritz dipped in chocolate treat!!
just buy some Cadbury Milk Chocolate…
break them into smaller pieces and put them into those transparent microwave-able container.
Add a little bit of boiling water…(just a little will do; depends on how think you want you chocolate fondue to be)
then cover the container and put it in the mircrowave for one minute…
After one min, stir until the chocolate becomes one uniform color and texture…
n TADA~*
that’s the chocolate fondue sauce!!
it goes well with :
+honey Dew
+basically all kinds of fruits that’s not ultra-juicy…test it out yourself..
+Famous Amos cookies
+n alot more…

argh!!! after i washed the clothes… i still must hang them up again…wat a chore…
i hate doing housework!!I must migrate to some country where it will never rain!! *nod* *nod*
eh.. but the weather will be damn warm…. I DUN WAN ALSO!!
ahhhhhh ….
forget it… i shall not think about this now…

oh by the way, next time if some of the pictures on my site do not show up … try right-clicking and click on “Show Picture”
sometimes, it’ll just do the trick…

I like Pocky too~


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