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gonna talk crap!! hahaha..coz this episode got not much action but lots of impt scenes…
this seems like the splitting of Kira n Athrun to me… (but im always wrong!! lolz)

so let’s start!!
Advice for clicking on thumbnails : Right-click , open in new window;
Otherwise you have to keep coming back after viewing one pic... The picture contains the fan sub from the Beloved Seed Fansubs!!!

“Phase-24 Diverging Viewpoints”

Image hosted by

***Warning!! Screenshot hazards + Spoiler ALERT!!!***

Image hosted by
The group of Minerva’s pilot …
they are brooding over Heine’s death, n esp Shinn, blames Archangel + Freedom for intruding into the battle thus making things worst… he even doubts their identity…

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Poor Nicol, i liked him too~ but he died so early in Gundam Seed Image hosted by
Athrun… who cant seem to get over Nicol’s death… and all the killings/battles from Jachin Due(did i get the spelling correctly?? i think it’s wrong.. but u noe what i mean) and gets emotional when he thinks about Heine’s death …(i mean…who wont…Heine’s quite cute afterall… sorry)

Image hosted by
Talk about predicting your own’s death!! mwah hahahhaa… im not suppose to be so happy after he died/sacrificed for his country right???
so so sorry!! *bows to apologize*

Image hosted by Image hosted by Doing something again!! seems sneaky to me... I really dunno what's he doing!! Image hosted by
Rey is seen copying files from i-dunno-where…seriously…
i dun really know what’s he doing… he later reports to the Captain…but we cannot hear what exactly did he say to her…

Image hosted by
Athrun requesting to leave Minerva to search for Archangel and talk things out with them… n well… the Captain lets him go…^_^

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Miriallia searching for somthing…or asking for directions? and well…bumps into Athrun … and ends up helping him to search for Archangel…

I'm suprised that they have such a place in Archangel!! -_-|| *metlz* guys and girls seperate bath!! duhz~ *nose bleeds* *faintz* Image hosted by Lacus playing with water...trying to cheer Cagalli up... isnt Kira cute, with that towel on his head?!? *kyaaa* Image hosted by why didnt he give me a diamond ring instead? *jokez* *hintz* but I'll still treasure the ring... *this is not a hint* Cagalli's view != my view , abt rings that is... ^_^
My fav scene in this episode is up!!! hahaha
eh..dun get the wrong idea…
coz it’s rare to see the people in Archangel seriously relax themselves….
actually not the whole crew, just Kira, Cagalli and Lacus…

Image hosted by
Shinn and Rey on a mission … after Rey reports to Captain about ..err.. i really dunno what did he told the Captain(n yeah… i forgotten her name!!)
Shinn grumbled a bit abt asking two ‘pilots’ to go on such a ‘puny’ mission…
haha silly guy… this is going to be one BIG (n i mean HUGE) discovery!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Female Stalker in action… poor Athrun …
good looking people who can pilot mobile suits …n are marksman — BEWARE!!!
lolz ~

I saw the Archangel at Dardanelles I want to see you all again The Knight in Red is also searching for his Princess Please contact me
Miriallia’s message for Archangel…that came in Mos Code!! (reminds me of MosBurger…man im hungry!!)

Image hosted by Image hosted by I'll go alone, don't move Archangel. I'll tag along..nono haha... i mean --- I wanna go!! Super brotherly look... n his suppose to be the younger brother...but who cares since they're twinz!!
Archangel’s crew… discussing about the message they just recieved…
Cagalli is of course excited at the though of Athrun, and Kira volunteers to go alone…
haha…n u think Cagalli will want to stay behind..?? so?? she tags along!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Athrun sets off to meet Kira & Cagalli…n wanna guess wat??
haha the stalker followsss….grrrr *gritz teeth*
i just dont like her… plus her sister… they can be called “The Hawke Bitches”
sorrie if you’re a fan of them…
i dont only have preference for male characters!! i like Cagalli, i like Lacus…(ALOT *blushes*) so well.. dun say i discriminate female characters in Destiny!!
***Irrelevant stuff***
but seriously, the Hawke sisters always piss me off…especially the older one Lunamaria… she’s got some problem is it?? what’s with her infatuation with Athrun??
or maybe she’s plotting something?? hmmz…
go get Shinn or someone else… Athrun has Cagalli already!! eh..but Shinn seems to be strung with Stellar…okie … go get Rey..he’s equally cute… i like him too~
but eh… it will be a great waste if Rey ends up with her… sooo…. DONT …REY…donttttt… (sorrie…im going crazy)

Image hosted by
The “Mission for Two Pilots” is on their way to their destination…^_^

Image hosted by
Freedom basking in the sunlight…(sunset’s sunlight; it’s just so pretty n serene… i must screenshoot it!!)

I really cant believe my eyes when I saw Freedom
The meetup starts… a very long conversation…

Image hosted by
and first…Miriallia tells them the shocking news… about Athrun’s with Zaft…

Image hosted by
and both of them went 0_0 *eyes opened as wide as their eyes can be*-reaction!!

Image hosted by Here comes Athrun the Ouji-sama...i like it when they come down from their MS like tat...
Savior reaches the meeting place, and Kira recognises it from the previous battle…

Image hosted by The ill-fated lovers...who have problem expressing their true feelings for each other each n everytime they meet... *sweats* for them
And now, they finally met up after so many episodes!!

Image hosted by
STALKER ALERT!! again… why cant she give up?? but i guess she’s gaining info at the same time… even so!! i shall hate her more… LP increases by 20,000 points
LP == Lunamaria hate Points…lolz
so MP == Mia hate Points hahahha… Mia’s the fake Lacus — in case you dont know…

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Kira stops Cagalli from getting too emotional on Athrun …
Athrun blames the amount of casualties on Archangel’s and Kira’s actions during the previous battle?!?! what’s wrong with him… too blinded by Dullindal’s ideals?
or is he too-on-Zaft side?? (mind my language…)

the diamond-less ring...what?? you dont get what im trying to imply?? go read the comments with Cagalli in her bra...lolz XD of all the things to do, he looked away!!!
Athrun sees the ‘diamond-less’ ring…(eh…sorry hahaha) nono… the ring he gave to Cagalli … and realizes she’s still wearing it… and well… there’s an akward moment there for him!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Kira questions the reliability of PLANT. Telling how they tried to kill the REAL-Lacus… n Athrun’s shock at the news… but still…not really willing to believe that Dullindal will do that…

Image hosted by
“Mission for Two Pilots” reached their destination… n wow…look at the sunlight… it’s red!! hahaa so beautiful…but the place that they are going to barge into is not of the same degree of beauty at all…

Image hosted by
Stalker shocked at hearing that the Lacus at PLANT now is a bloody fake!! hahaha

Image hosted by
Kira, “Until that can be cleared up, I cant trust PLANT.”
yupyup, me too! i didnt really like Dullindal from the start… dunno why …just a gut feeling… but it might be wrong too~ dunno …this time…im super not sure…

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Rey is shown entering the dark dark room … where the darkest secret lies!! no Rey…don’t go in!!
and well…before Shinn can even on the lights… he breaks down…
poor Rey…he’s usually so cute!! but look at him now… his face is so distorted!!
Tis place must be a horrible memory for him!!
(but i seriously dunno what’s all that abt…im just guessing it’s a bio lab for cloning…you can vaguely see bodies in the containers behind!!
maybe that’s where he’s clone or created…n that explains the reaction!!)

Lacus : “First, you must decide. Then you must follow through. I believe that’s
the only way you can get anything accomplished.”

these are not all of the screenshots that i took, *scratches itchy hands*
haha… i will upload the zip file into Orangebox when im free!!
this summary is my personal commentz… so if anything is wrong or watsoever… dun come n scold me k??



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