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A shoujo manga this time, it’s the last chapter of Full Moon wo Sagashite… a rather touching manga… with super child-like characters…(but goodlooking XD)this one picture is Eichi-kun…shall talk about him in the main…but isnt this picture angelic…he’s an angel(i think)

I’m always by your side

Eichi-kun, who’s the childhood lover of Mitsuki(the main character of this story) is dead before Mitsuki can tell him that she loves him…
Both of them grew up in the same orphanage… and Eichi took care of her…
Both of them swears to go for their dreams(which is to be an astronaut for Eichi n a singer for Mitsuki) but after he was adopted by his new family, Eichi died on his way to America…
Before he left, Eichi confessed his love for Mitsuki but Mitsuki was in shock and thus ran away from him and avoided him after that… After realizing that she actually loves him, he’s already dead…
Mitsuki was sent to live with her super strict grandmother and was later diagnosed with a throat disease that is life threatening… and thus causing her not being able to sing… *haiz*
but she’s one very determined girl… wanna sing n also determined to join Eichi-kun when she she was not afraid of death…
until one day she met two shinigamis… Takuto and Meroku…one’s a neko(cat) n the other’s a usagi(rabbit)…they are so damn cute!!! hahaha
n that changed her life ….
Takuto changed her 12 year old looks to 16, n from then on… she signed a contract with Seed co. to become a singer…
a very popular one! but the problem is, Takuto n Meroku told her that she only has a year to live…

go download n read it yourself… it’s even better if you buy the manga … you’ll be able to get it in Singapore… or your own country… ask me for the chinese title … coz i know it… im considering to buy the manga…
crazy it might seem but i really love the story!!

some other pages…(for sneakz)

the different characters in this story why Mitsuki wanna be a singer yeah ... the normal shoujo stuff...shinigami falls in love with his charge n gets into trouble??...haha read for yourself... Mitsuki when she performs in her 16 year old self

all i can say is…this story is a bloody fairy tale tat has one of the happiest ever after i ever read…but it’s really heart warming…^)^
really glad tat i read it!!

Really gotta go study now… today it’s Kitchen muggin’… sianz… tata~

-Angeline- gonna post summary for GS Destiny episode 24 tomorrow…procastination is her forte~


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