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i dun think i can sleep tonight…
coz episode 23 is just too good… n here im thinking that Destiny’s getting bored
*slap* *slap* myself for even having such a thought…
Kira is just too great…please pardon me if there are just too many redundant screenshots of him …n none of Athrun & Asuka… coz he’s the main character for this episode…
Kira —> the HERO!!!


This episode starts with a little recap from last week’s episode… in which my dear dear Kira(the HERO) comes out of nowhere…actually not nowhere…mwah hahaha
n blasts Minerva’s Tannhauser to prevent it from hitting Orb’s vessel…

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So this episode’s Phase 23 – The shadows of War…
this episode is by far the best episode for GS Destiny… it’s basically a neverending rollar coaster ride for me!! i was going “Kyaa~ Kyaa~~~” n screeching throughout the whole episode…
some laughable parts (of coz feat. Yuna the baka) and some parts that are really sad…(im gonna do a more detailed crapping for this episode coz i like it so much…n coz it features so much of Kira!!!)

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so let’s start?

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Minerva’s going down coz of the damage it sustained… n well…
everyone’s still seem shock at Kira’s act… ^_^

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so … the next thing we see is Archangel joining Freedom …

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
something launches from Archangel… who can it be??
hmmz… pink!!’s Cagalli in Strike Rouge!~
with the Orb Insignia (i learnt this word from the fansub in Destiny!!)
As she annouces her identity to the rest of the people in the battle…
she requests for Orb to withdraw from it…

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The scene flashes back to a discussion in Archangel held before the battle…
Cagalli is shock to hear that Orb is sending forces to aid the EA in the Suez battle…
n Kira tells her that she’s the one that allowed it to happen…
well the rest of them did ask him not to be so harsh on her… but he said that even if she stayed in Orb, something like that will still happen….
(which is quite true isnt it, judging by the way she handles things; n how pushy the stupid Yuna is~)
so Lacus stood up for Cagalli saying “Things are different now” such that Cagalli’s able to see things that she wasnt able to see then…
isnt it a wonder how soothing Lacus can be in such situations…she’s always like a tranquilizer…^_^ *so sweet*
just the one for Kira!!
continue~~ sorry for the divergence…
Waldfield was saying… after Orb joined EA..there will be alot of changes in the balance of power…
n he was asking what should they do?
n here goes Cagalli, asking Kira to launch…for the sake of the future n peace
the flashback is ended with Kira looking at Lacus!! *kyaa*

*End of FlashBack*

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with Cagalli’s annoucement n sudden appearence — purple hair Barney!! eh… sorry no.. Yuna!! n the rest of Orb are damn shock!!

Image hosted by
Athrun is shock too~ duhz… if he’s not, i am…

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oh oh … PurpleHair Yuna’s in trouble…coz Neo’s calling him to ask him what the fuck just happened??
n well… after much flashback about how Cagalli made a fool out of him….(though he deny so) he decides to deny her identity…

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After that, he made Orb fight Minerva n Archangel + Strike Rouge… giving the reason that Archangel + Strike Rouge have confused them in the battle… so they should be destroyed…n that they’ll be attacked by EA…

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Back to Minerva … Heine says :”If i catch any movements on their side, I’ll be launching…” and well… off he goes…
seriously…‘OFF’ *fufufufufu* (Orouchimaru’s style of sniggering)
you’ll get it later….

Image hosted by Image hosted by
back to Orb’s vessel~
poor Colonel Todaka commands his vessel to fire at the ‘unknown’ mobile suit (i.e. Strike Rouge) but in his heart, he knows that Freedom will protect Cagalli…lolz

Image hosted by Image hosted by
there goes…~ Orb fires the missiles at THEIR Cagalli-sama…
Freedom is there to protect his Sister!! *kyaa~~*

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Cagalli’s totally devastated at Orb ignoring her request plus having to witness yet another battle!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
everyone snapped…
EA & Zaft launch their Mobile suits!!

*HalfTime* (Lacus comes out with her Haros plus Kira!!)

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Other than joining EA in the battle with Minerva,Yuna commands Orb’s forces to bring Archangel to impress Neo…

Image hosted by
Orb announcing that Strike Rouge is not Cagalli…n asking Orb’s forces to attack her !!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Heine in action… admire more of him…trust me… you should… not hinting anything…it’s just that his Zaku is ORANGE in color…*whistle away*

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Kira telling Cagalli that it’s no use to continue trying to call out to the Orb’s forces…
Kira : “Please back off, I’ll do what I can now.”

Image hosted by
Shinn in action… eh…it’s a rare shot in this episode…so treasure it!! lolz…
i din take much notice of him in this episode!!

Image hosted by
Minerva taking hits…

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Kira protecting Archangel frm incoming missiles…
n after that…goes into Seed Mode!! *kyaa* *super-fast-speed-meltz*

Image hosted by
Waldfield going off to the battlefield in his Murasame, asking Ramius to back him up~ *so cute* the way he says it!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Heine’s battle with Stellar… at first, it looks as if Heine’s bullying her… but …
ahemz.. i shant tell u the results of the battle…
but really cool battle scenes in this one… ^_^
i like Stellar alot…much better than Fllay…though i wont really associate both of them together… but their reactions to certain stuff are somehow similar…lolz

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Murasame lauching!!Ugly pilot suit…seriously!!
Waldfield telling Cagalli : “Back off if you cant fire! What would happen to Orb if you were shot down here?”

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Cagalli’s flashback about her father n his ideals for Orb…
then she got even more depressed…

Image hosted by
After Waldfield starts ranting on how much less unskilled he is when compared to Kira, the song “Meteor” by TMR starts playing heightening the mood!!! n Kira is shown shooting at non-vital points of other mobile suits!!

Meteor was from Gundam Seed… n i loved that song!! it really brings up the mood during a battle… gives me a very righteous feeling…

Image hosted by
Archangel shooting in between EA mobile suits(when they are attacking Minerva) n Minerva to fend off the Mobile Suits… (how cool n skilled!!)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Athrun tries to locate n speak to Kira…but his effort fails…

AND NOW~!!!!!Kira will start his heroic acts!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Target number 1 : Impulse

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Target number 2 : Abyss


Image hosted by
Why?? coz he sensed someone!! … n that’s NEO!!! hehehe(this is only my assumption coz i strongly believe that NEO == Mwu or definitely has something to do with Mwu/Kuluze)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Archangel trying to stop the movement of Kuraumikari class vessel … ( i think it’s orb’s vessel…hmm… i dun really know; super not sure!!)
well … they did it just by ‘pushing’ it away with the power of the WAVES~ *nyaa*

*Back to Kira & Freedom*

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Target number 3 : Gaia

Image hosted by
Athrun don’t understand why is Kira doing this…
i tot he should be able to~??? Maybe he’s on Zaft’s side now…that’s why… *sad*

Image hosted by
Heine is pissed with Kira for being superior … n thinks that Kira is cockY??!?
who’s the cocky one here??!? (im starting to hate him…but isnt it a little to late??!?!)
*fufufufufufu* (really sorry for all the wierd “Orouchimaru-style” sniggers but i cant control myself…)

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Target number 4 : Goouf Ignited
(The name n Zaku is too nice n cool to belong to Heine…what a waste!!)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Girly Stellar gets really pissed now~ wanna attack Kira but…

Image hosted by
STUPID HEINE’s in the way!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Dejavu anyone??
lolz… but it’s not Kira killing this time…
Heine can only blame himself…
but seriously…from the way i see , the way he acts during battles… i think Heine’s being hypocritical by being nice to his subordinates normally…
isnt it? he’s all cocky n stuff in battles… n it’s more like his trueself than a Mr-Nice-Heine… lolz…
i just like his Orange-hair + orange-Zaku …

Image hosted by
A tribute to his Orange-hair n Orange-zaku!!

Image hosted by
Gaia attacks Freedom… n well… gets a kick in her face!! lolz… i dun think its the face but still… XD

Image hosted by
End of battle!!! yeah!! …gosh im tired!!

Image hosted by
A battered Freedom…

Image hosted by
Freedom retreating with Archangel … plus Life goes On in the background!!!
“Life goes on…goes on…goes on…goes on…goes on…”
ahemz…sorrie!! mwah hahahaha

I love this episode!!! ^_^

Cagalli : “We mustn’t exist in a world like this, where all we can do is fight!”

Yuna’s Ugly Faces Special for Episode 23

Best Ugly Face!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Sorry for the mass amt of Screenshots…i just cant control myself… *bows* to apologise… this is not ALL of the screenshots… i din post a couple of them…so i’ll zip ALL of them up n up load them on OrangeBox!!

-Angeline- loves KIRA!!!


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