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[click on the pic to view the auction;it’s in japanese though]

ah hahaha im trying to find Seigaku’s jersey… cheaper one’s that is…
does anyone noe where can i get one… i dont really mind the price actually…
so as long it’s not unreasonable
can someone help??
boo hoo…im so desperate for one… after Simin told me she saw someone wearing it in Singapore!!!
this is another link for the seigaku jersey which is MORE expensive!!! ARGH!!!
click here
FINALLY A 200yen polo … but the seller does not ship internationally!!!
now im thinking of going Japan for the intersem… argh!!
click here
Another one going for 2,800yen click here

i was thinking of collecting some Japanese guy’s school uniforms also..
coz they’re so cute!!
that’s when i have some extra money

some of the other auctions that im interested in …but no $$$
boooohoooo *sobz*

Konoha HeadBands
I guess you can get these konoha headbands in SG but they look really fake…
the ones they are selling out there…
n they are really cheap… maybe that’s why…
if im really gonna buy
i’ll buy one with a strikethrough..coz that’s ITACHI-sama’s headband!!
*melts* n i’ll hang it on my bag or maybe i’ll wear it on my helmet when i ride on my bf’s bike…haha maybe not on the helmet… lolz

Fudomine Fullset
Fudomine’s jersey plus windbreaker FULLSET plus Kaidoh’s badanna
the person dun mind shipping internationally!!!
aRGH!!!! but 8000yen is abt 320 bucks right??
someone!!! please…..
but seriously im not so keen on Fudomine… Seigaku maybe…

Shinigami’s clothes
Shinigami’s clothes!!! argh..but the person wont ship internationally…
argh!!! plus it comes with the Team 5’s badge…Aizen’s badge isnt it…yuck!! Arsehole!! dun wan…but i still like the clothings…

Sasuke’s costume
Kyaaa~~ Sasuke’s clothes… so cute…with the Uchiha clan’s logo somemore…
but the price is outrageous… it’s 8000 yen!!!
unless it’s Itachi-sama’s Akatsuki’s/UchihaClan’s clothing otherwise i dun think i will be willing to pay such a high price for it…
hmm never!!

Akatsuki’s cloak
AKATSUKI’s cloak!!!!!!!Itachi-sama!!! i want this cloak…. damn… the person will not ship internationally….

Zaft’s Pilot’s Uniform
Athrun’s uniform when he’s in Zaft/Zaft’s elite pilot’s uniform…
quite cool but look at the price..35,000 YEN ….damn scary!!

But seriously…after looking through all the stuff… i realized that..GS destiny stuff are the most expensive!! the costumes can go up to 20,000 – 40,000++ YEN…
my god…

-Angeline- wishes for the Seigaku Jersey to drop from the sky~~


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