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i took quite some time for this episode … coz im really lazy …
same thing…lots of screenshots but im not going to say alot…
this is becoz the screenshots are big spoilers themselves~

this episode starts with Mai sending her classmates(i forgotten their names) off in a train, i guess everyone has evacuated Fuuka Gakuen at last… leaving Mai, Natsuki, Shizuru, Mikoto, Kokuyou no Kimi, Nagi, n Miyu behind…

Ahh... i miss Mai in her apron!! Here comes the mad woman

Miyu’s system that made me go 0_o…haha

Kokuyou no kimi wants you!! Natsuki kisses Shizuru... n Shizuru's damn shock!! eh..not THAT shock...sorry... This is the result of 'Dhuran! Load silver catridge! FIRE!' The one n only double KO we'll see in Mai Hime!! Die Nagi, I shall show no mercy... Mai .. you shall be my wife!! Previous hime of Kagutsuchi
Mikoto’s still a hime?? then how did the door to the Fuuka shrine openeD??
it was supposed to open when there’s only ONE hime left…n that was supposed to be Mai..
it’s obviously the Kokuyou no Kimi had it planned that way right from the beginning… he wants Mai to be his bride…the rest are all his pawns… (isnt it kind of romantic…though i dun think he really likes her…but it’s just because she’s the hime of Kagutsuchi…)
coz there was this scene in this episode when Mai n Nagi were at the pillars place…n Mai counted the number of pillars…
so the himes that had their VIPS sacrificed : Akane-chan, Akira-kun, Fumi-san, Midori-chan, Yukino-chan, Sister, Nao-chan, Shiho-chan, n Nagi express surprise when there’s ‘ONE MORE’ … so Mai take it as Mikoto lost her VIP … but we know that if Mikoto lost her VIP … Reito-sama would have died…
so my guess is the second sacrifice is actually Alyssa Searrs … coz her father disappeared too…but since she was an artificially-created hime…they forgotten abt her …or din include her… (or Nagi is just trying to trick her…)

Dun really know what’s happening but Miyu seems to be doing some Anti-materializing thingy!! i think this is what she’s created for… shall see what’s up in the next episode…
i just cant wait for next friday to come!! ahhhh

Kokuyou no Kimi : “The new world will be made by my wife and me.”
Nagi : “I liked Mai. Even though i’ve seen tons of Hime before. She was the best.”

yup…so that’s about all for this episode…
thought what these two men said are kind of cool …
so i just quoted them here…
this fansub is kindly done by Yesy …

here’s a very good review



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