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YO!! this is another MPD … for people who don’t know… MPD stands for “Manga Page of the Day” … lolz so what we have today is Killau from Hunter x Hunter…
yep…i just started reading this series…n it’s really good..
it must be…since it’s has the same mangaka as Yu yu Hakusho…


hahaha what a pun … *FuFuFuFu* copies Orouchimaru’s kind of laughter…ahemz…sorrie
this page is showing Killau ripping this guy’s heart out…

and well… smashes it into tiny specks of red dust…mwah hahaha…*clap* *clap*
(look at the guy’s face when he goes “give me”)
n that guy’s a criminal… supposingly a very vicious n cold blooded murderer who actually once killed a 11 year old boy by ripping his heart out alive!! (out of his many random killings)
but anyway..Killau’s from a whole family of killers… (they do assasinations… i wanted to use the word assasinators…but i doubt there’s such a word…)
so he’s kind of cold hearted when it comes to killing~(note that i dint use cold blooded) …

Killau : “My parents are much more skilled than me. If they were the ones fighting, the wound wouldnt have bled.”
*sweat* Killau, i don’t think that’s the point…ah hahaha… -_-”
so cute!!

anyway…Killau’s really cool… though i like Gon too~

just a short MPD today… im sleepy so im gonna end here…nitez *muack*




  1. wow Kilua is kakkoi desu. Aishiteru Killua. I luve U……
    You are so COOOL

  2. yeah he is so cool …
    my favourite character!! 😀

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