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I finally have time to do one MPD!! haha… n it’s Naruto showing his skills after disappearin’ for two n a half years!! it’s so COOL!!!

“Man, the old hag’s good too”

This chapter of Naruto is absolutely fabulous!!! not only they show Naruto doing alittle of his thing but also Sakura with her medic ninja skills that she got from Tsunade!!

Naruto is fighting one of the twins(very old one) from Sand Village…
she’s strong for her age … hahaa… n he’s fighting her becoz she’s abt to attack Kakashi coz she thought Kakashi was his father, The White Fang of Konoha, who killed her son…
n i was thinking…since when does Kakashi need Naruto’s protection?!?! hmmz…
haha.. but this also proves that Naruto’s stronger n more confident…(eh…but since when is he inferior of his Ninja skills?)
haha i really like this chapter compare to the previous ones…

The Old Hag from Sand Village : “Times are slowly changing …”

She said this after Sakura told her that she’s Tsunade’s disciple…
n come to think of it… it’s the next generation that’s making up the world of Naruto now…
Sakura takes after Tsunade, Naruto takes after Jiraiya, Lee takes after Gai, Kakashi takes after his Dad etc …
isnt it cool?

yup…so this is the end of my rantings… gotta go work on the summary for Mai Hime-25 … enjoy~



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