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this is to expose the friends behind the scenes… haha
no la…
just wanna share some pics…taken quite some time ago thoughz
it was during this outing with my friends from jc at Spizza Holland Village!!

This is my best friend in Acjc SB2 … her name is Siling…
a super nice n Hammy-lookalike gal… (err…i can imagine her turing red now!!)
super loves her orange top that day!!
more of our intimate pix ~~

There’s the four of us : Zandra, Siling, Adelyn and ME!!

The whole group of us!! the two guys are Aaron(thinny one) and Mark, the one is orange!! yeah..ORANGE!! hahaha

This is a VERY Retarded looking me at Aaron’s house!! ignore if u can!!

Some of the pix din come out in very good resolution… so i did this… dun think they are very visible!! haiz

-Angeline-so so so sleepy!!!


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