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Yoyo… gosh im so tired + sleepy but still… WELCOME to the 5th “Manga Page of the Day”… today … Raito gains back his ‘evil’ twin… hehe… no la..

“Memories Regained ; Evil pours back in”

Raito Yagami … the super cutie Neo-god-wanna-be of the world…
he wanna purge the world of evil(mostly criminals) … by writing into a notebook that he picked in in high school… hmm … that was what started his intellectual battle with ‘L’ … the super-duper clever detective that helps even the interpol …
around the middle part of the story … Raito ‘forfeited’ the notebook and lost all memories of it… n turned back to a ‘normal’ Raito … n i went … *wasted* … he’s so much cuter when he’s evil!!
hahaha …. in the featured picture… he just regained his memory by touching the notebook that he once owned… this is achieved by his careful planning even before he forfeited the notebook months n months ago… (kyaaa!! how clever…Raito-sama)
n after that… he turns from


isnt he much more attractive when he’s evil??

Raito Yagami : “I’ll show you the creation of a new world.”
Taken from DeathNote Chap59

kk..not much to say… coz dun wanna spoil the story too much…lots of people reading this manga ya noe!? So that’s all for today’s “MPD” (new abbreviation for Manga Page of the Day hahahaha)



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