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there are not alot of screenshots in this post — coz i dunno how to summarize n choose screenshots for Gundam…so i’ll post what i like …
what’s writting is just a little spoiler for GS Destiny Phase 22 …
i just finished watching it… n i was all “KYAA!!! KIRA!!!”
hahaha…n down with the LOSER … PURPLE HAIR IDIOT!!!

so Phase 22 begins with the Djibril telling the others in EA(Earth Alliance) that he’s gonna use Orb to battle against the Zaft forces at the Black Sea
(something like that…)
he’s ugly i tell you … i hate his look …
but the Yuuna(purple hair freak is the worst…ugly plus LOSER!!

so Yuuna , now leading Orb, wanna prove their worth in the alliance & thus dispatch their forces to the Black Sea as told and well…the battle starts…

Forces involved : Minerva, Neo’s team(but his team dint battle in this episode), Orb’s units consisting of Astray and some other units… i didnt manage to catch the names…so sorry…plus a little surprise towards the end… XD

as they are to fight against Orb’s force, Athrun got into a dilemma… he dint want to fight them, and even said “if Cagalli is around, things wouldnt have gone that way” (or something like that) … but he still has to fight…
just as Heine had said…they’re in the military…

so as usual…he avoided vital points when attacking…during the battle…
all is well until towards the end of the episode…
Minerva wanted to fire its Tannhauser, and of course…Athrun looked really shock at that…
but that didnt go well…something shot at the Tannhauser…n thus stopped the attack…
wanna guess who??
i melted at the sight of him!!
but then…the ending theme “Life goes on” starts playing…
n i know… *damn* it’s ending…
n i hitted my monitor…

~*Screenshots… (they dont say much but well…)

Isn't he cute...not to mention that he pilots an ORANGE ZAKU ..*melts* Athrun's Savior... Orb's forces~ they've got nothing to do YET coz Orb's forces are not all dead yet... ahemz...sorry... isnt she Dearka's chick from Gundam Seed...the one on board Archangel also?? Heine in his ORANGE pilot suit...hiakz hiakz...*droolz* Rey...being as cool as ever~ Tannhauser...FIRE!! eh...uh!!WHAT HAPPENED??? Someone destroyed the Tannhauser?? Who?? but who could have done that?? --- everyone was thinking out loud!! Just like one of the episodes in Gundam Seed...Freedom comes to save the day!!! *meltz*

Athrun was like,’Freedom? Kira?’ ..and i was like…duhz… nono Yuuna’s piloting Freedom to stop Minerva from firing Tannhauser…*knocks Athrun’s head*…of course it’s my beloved Kira, out to save the day!!

(i feel buttery at the end of this episode…kyaa….haha)
he’s just so cute… Kira-sama..i love you!!!
but this is starting to get serious…Kira and Athrun on different sides AGAIN!!!
i just hate it…my two favourite characters on opposing ends again…
*super SAD*
dunno how it will turn out but i really look forward to the next episode…


LOSER!!! can someone stone him… argh… he’s a disgrace to GS Destiny as a whole…
n he’s commanding the Orb’s prestigious forces… poor military… i pity them… scarificing themselves… on his stupid orders…

-Angeline- absolutely hates purple-hair FREAKS and super fall in love with KIRA-sama again…totally smitten by his “SUDDENLY-comes-out-n-save-the-day” ACT….



  1. XD XD
    Yah, I just watched that today.

    If I recall correctly, the last time Kira flew in from above to “save the day” he blasted a mobile suit that was about to destroy the ArchAngel.

    Kira is cool, but nothing beats the masked man. Hah! Char, Zechs, grey suit guy.

    I really want a Gundam series in which the main character does not pilot a gundam. >_>

    I really like the Mobius Zero style mobile armor. ZOOM ZOOM in a plane with fin funnel type weapons to help you engage the enemy.

    I mean, come on, you’re in a mobile armor with obviously inferior armor and firepower, yet you still manage to go toe to toe with gundams and mobile suits.

    *waits for next episode*
    I just want to see Kira blow stuff up and slice enemies into pieces.
    *eyes enter a purplish haze and a crystal shatters above his head inside a rainbow glaze*

  2. hey, awesome screenshots! not many, but defiantly well taken!!

    just thought i’d say your blog rules! ^^

    i cant wait for next weeks episode of Gundam Seed Destiny!!

  3. hey yea cool screenshot. I haven’t even started watching the 1st episode of gundamn seed Destiny anyone know where i can find or buy it? And i must say you sure have some cool updates on blog. But i guess from your recent entry i should remind you to study huh? Well Adious

  4. abt Mobius Zero … it lacks power and armor but it’s superior in mobility and with a good pilot like Neo/Mwu it’s agility will make up for the lack in armo…~
    n i cant wait for the next episode too~~ ahhhh…. i love Mondays for that… GS Destiny drives the Monday blues away…*hugz* SeedFanSub…

    oh and to Ephram … you can get the bittorrent files for GS Destiny at …
    im not sure coz im not using my own comp now… will confirm on my blog soon …
    n i think you can buy the first ten or fifteen episodes in DVD via the Bandai site…
    (but im seriously not sure…so sorry!!!)
    oh … n i’ve been studying ^_^ that’s why the lack of updates recently… haiz
    thankx for the compliments people!!

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