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Yo…welcome to today’s “Manga Page of the Day” … and it’s three cute guys doing the Japanese traditional cheering for us …!!
arent they cute…with the long robes and stuff *meltz*

“It’s Ouendan”

Traditional Japanese Cheering… it’s called Ouendan … in this manga that im currently reading… the dorm heads will lead the members of the dorm(also in long robes which is the traditional uniform of the school … dorm members in black and dorm heads in white; kyaaa!! so cute!!!)
they will then engage in a battle of cheering…
usually in school festivals…
n people will vote for their favourite cheering teams…
isnt’ it cool??
the way they lead !!

Anywayz…HanaKimi(for short) is a very interesting manga…
it’s about this girl(Mizuki) who’s so obsessed with this high-jumper(Sano) that she left America for Japan to join his school…
but well…the problem is…Sano attends a ALL BOYS high school…hiaks hiaks hiaks…
so that’s where all the fun n laughter + romance comes in…
it’s quite romantic…
plus!! Mizuki looks alittle like Fuki Syusuke from POT~!!
i shall post pictures of them to compare soon!!

Nanba-senpai : “You can never have … the same love twice you know? When love ends, even when you fall in love with someone else, it’s not the same love. Love grows up with you, so you have to treasure it.”
and this came from Nanba-senpai…the ‘playboy’ of the school…
but the truth is that…he became a playboy coz he was dumped by his first love when he was younger…n his first love was his teacher… kyaaa~!!

okok now my turn…
Angeline : “Love is feeling, not a decision.”
so true yet so paradoxical isnt it??
coz we are always forced to make decisions about relationships….
so does it mean that our relationships got no love??
hmm…just a thought…

That’s all for today’s entry… but seriously…arent they cool in the long robes…reminds me of Keanu Reeves when he’s in The Matrix!! haha



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