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Man … i dunno what to say for this episode…
let the screenshots speak for themselves
im just too 0_o by the story till now…
(my ex-fav char is finally dead… i dont think i like him anymore but why m i so sad…*boohooz*)

this time…im just gonna post some major screenshots…n not everything…
so if u din watch the episode… u might not get the whole picture of this episode…
haha…coz im lazy

+*+ Spoilers ahead…though there are lesser screenshots than usual… +*+


Tokiha Takumi : “Because I chose Akira-kun, so please don’t sacrifice yourself for me…”
I missed Takumi so so much… in Mai’s dreamworld(or the world that she wishes to be in)… i was so touched when i see Takumi and Mikoto … and everything seems so real yet so wishful of Mai … damn sad…just cant control my tears!! *sad*

Kanzaki/Minagi Reito : “Tate-kun, I looked at you too crudely. Though i wished you would have died in a more pitiful way.”
NB : Is that jealousy?? anyway … it’s between Mikoto, Mai n Shizuru (Natsuki’s a little out of the pic since she said she’s not going to be distrupted by the Hime fate thingy) … isnt it wierd… all of them have gotta do with Reito-sama…
One’s his imouto (sis) , one’s has got rumours with him before(Shizuru… at the beginning of the show…it was rumoured that they were a couple; i think … but i may be wrong…) , and the last one..Mai .. Reito went after her before..n he doesn’t look like he’s all out to cheat her feelings just for the Hime Power… hehe
What’s your ideal ending??

taken from : Yesy fansubbed version of Mai Hime episode 24

I’ve actually gotten 81 screenshots taken for this episode…
*slaps my itchy hands*
haha… so if u wanna see the rest… i’ll upload it soon…got lots of ugly pics of contorted faces of Shiho-the-bitch … (though i kind of pity her in this episode…)
oh and anyway there’s a very good summary+review here



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