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Yo! This is the first “Manga Page of the Day” …n today’s 17 Mar 2005 …
from this day onwards…i’ll post the one Manga Page every day… and start my rantings about it(that’s if i don’t forget about it…n im free to do it…lolz XD)
so let’s see…today’s page theme is ….


damn it…Aizen the biggest bastard in the world….
i was so pissed when it comes to this point in the manga…
i can tell you … Gin will seem like a victim when compared to this bastard…

Captain Aizen : “Admiration leads you astray from the truth”

it’s him talking about Hinamori’s admiration for him…wat the fuck??
asshole!! i kind of liked him when i thought he was the goodie goodie when he first appeared….
ahhh… *slap* *slap* myself for the bad taste… n for liking a super big hypocrite…plus BAD GUY…
hmmm…but dun i always have an eye for bad guys…esp the ultimately evil ones…
but still *slap* ~

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that’s the end of “Manga Page of the Day” for 17 Mar 2005…
see ya tomorrow!!
eh...sounds really listening to radio...P10...tat's why...



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