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After watching Mai Hime Episode 21 … RAW …in case you’re wondering…
my favourite characters changed!!!
well…originally it was :

After Episode 20 … Takumi err…DIED (hightlight to see)
n well Akira obviously lost her ability to be a Hime coz Takumi was her VIP (very important person)
n Tate is a wuss as he chose Shiho instead of Mai whom he loves ….
Mikoto..hmmz… maybe she’s still on my list but her character kind of deviated n changed these few episodes due to the events that happened…
so well…now my one n only one favourite character from Mai Hime is …..


Kanzaki Reito-sama!!!
(Spoiler!! highlight to see)The DARK PRINCE
the screen shots are all taken from Episode 21…n are kind of spoilers…
so if u dun wanna see anything ahead…
dun scroll down…hehe
not that you will miss them …
I really seem to like evil characters!!
for e.g. Raito from Deathnote…

I don’t think i should say alot about the screenshots…coz alot of spoilers will be revealed…not that i understood the whole damn episode but well..hehe
it’s in japanese… n i dun understand alot of japanese as a matter of fact…
so i got it in bits n pieces…
cant wait for the subbed version…
till now, it’s only till episode 18 …
i hope it’s faster..but anyway
THANKX for STATIC SUB… for their wonderful fansub of Mai Hime!!!



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