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I haven been posting much… n studying much
why ???
im guilty!
ought to be on the death row i say
i was onto anime again
i mean
why the word ‘again’??
im not even off it…
i just finished the series “Elfen Lied”
FINALLY, i should say
coz it’s really difficult to get hold of the series other than Bit torrent
but im busy downloading other more recent stuff using bit torrent so i was searching for direct downloads dor Elfen Lied …
n for the past few weeks
i couldnt find any
the one that i was on… went down right after i got a few episodes…
sometimes i wonder if im cursed or wat

so well
the last episode was so so touching
and as usual
touching episodes will cause me to tear!!
n so i tot i should share some of the screen shots!!
not the gore ones la
dun think so much
I dun wanna gore people out
some people out there dun like violent animes
but really!
Elfen Lied has a really nice n touching story
plus the good looking characters~~
*points at Director Kuruma* In Love
really love this series
I’m going to watch it again during the CNY holidays …
of course apart from the lab3 n lab test that i have to prepare
oh yah!! n the tutorials n lectures that i gotta catch up
may Kami-sama be with me…hehehhee
here are the screen shots…

This is my beloved Director Kuruma … he has a really sad story … n although he’s not the main character…i still love him!!!
He had a wife … n well… he kind of got infected with the virus n his wife gave birth to a Diclonius daughter… (Number 35 ; the most vicious n young diclonius in the lab) n when the baby girl was born … he attempted to kill her despite all the heart ache n stuff… (of course he loves his daughter…n tat’s why he wanna kill her..he din want her to become a killing maniac) n that was witnessed by his wife…who was really weak n stuff after the labour process…n she died as a result of excessive loss of blood in his arms…
his daughter was kept in captivity since young in the lab (kind of as a hostage i think ; by the evil boss of the company that runs the lab, he’s a diclonius too~ same for his evil son who got killed by Lucy in the earlier episodes … but i dunno how they became Diclonius) n she always look forward to seeing her real father …
damn sad…
but she’s even more vicious than Lucy ….
sigh …
one super killing maniac…(the lab even planted explosives in her since she was a baby in order to control her)
n she’s even younger than Lucy…
damn scary
but when she saw her father…her emotions softened…and she was calling “Father Father”
but Kuruma pointed a pistol at her…
it was a very sad scene…
but in the end…
he went over to hug her, carries her to the bridge away from the others

and told her…that his wife n him loves her till the end and they are going to be together always~
and well…they ignited the explosives in her…
n he died together with her
there goes…

anyway …
tat is one sad tale…
n one long story…
sorry that i started ranting out of nowhere
n u might not get wat im trying to say…
try watching it…
it’re really good

well … now
other screen shots…

This is Lucy aka Nyuu

Lucy apologises
She apologised for what she had done in the past!!
WHAT exactly she did?? u might ask…go watch it yourself…lolz

Don't leave me
hee Kouta dint say tat… but well.. i tot that suited the pic!

Let's forget about what happened!! n be together!!
fat hope!!
they will never say such things in anime… why????

Since they cant bear to part…why leave each other then??
argh!! im just pissed at the ending..
im just angry that the anime is so short!!

In the end, Wanton …eh …no Wanta was waggin his tail at the entrance… n a very familiar shadow is behind the door…
seems to me that Lucy returns to Kouta n gang!!
but the shitty thing is that..
the anime ended before showing all tat!!!

well..after this anime…Kouta has risen to be the top choice for Angeline’s list of bf in 2005 lolz!!!


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