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haiz…school starts…
n it’s only been a little more than a week …
n im going to die…
of wat u might ask …
stress of course!!
the subjects this sem is so hellish!!
n im so slack
tat was to wake myself up!!
I will try to update more often…
n work more on the Condamned …
i shall lead a disciplined life!

i’ve watched Prince of Tennis (all the ones that i have)
and …haiz..
wat to say
I LOVE TEZUKA [captain of Seigaku Tennis Team …]
he’s so cute n cool..
i don’t usually fall in love with main characters…
thus … Echizen Ryoma’s the main character for this one
so as usual
I’m gonna introduce my TEZUKA-sama!!!
[below are screenshots…mostly from Tenipuri…the mini-fied version of Prince of Tennis …]

hehe…i still got lots more…but i gotta go do my tutorials…
will be back talking crap soonz…
-Angeline- luvs Tezuka-sama … though Echizen & Fuji’s cute too~ n not to forget Kira n Athrun from GS … Freedom’s back in Action in Destiny’s Epi. 13 – catch it if u havent…


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