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yesterday was really long + tedious + dunno wat shit for me…haiz
now im still feeling pukish + giddy…
i guess u can call it a slight hangover…
i just suc at well i hereby swear…
tat I’m not going to drink anymore…hehehehe

well…before going to KS’s house to celebrate his bdae for him,
i was at my mom’s house eating laksa…[she cooked it herself ; so can u imagine wat did i puke out last night??? UGH!]
and well, my lil sis is growing up and haha
her tooth is shakey !! so evil mommy wanna use the old wives method to get it out for her!!

*Note : Disturbing pictures ahead — not for the faint hearted — just joking *

my sis was super freaked out!! hahaha
can u imagine how hard she grabbed my poor arm…
but in the end, her stubborn tooth din come out… i guess its not loose enough …
At the end of the torture…
the poor victim,

Actually i was quite evil too~ i was the one who persuaded my mom to pull my sis’s tooth out…coz i wanna take pictures for her…hahahaha
im evil!!

in the night
i went to KS’s house…n was shock to see so many people there…
i tot it was the usual few…
im kind of anti-social remember…
so i just kept quiet n drink wif Feng-jie…
in the end
only both of us puked…
so embarrassed!!
but i hope the bdae boy is happy!!

may all your bdae wishes come true
and remember to use the chair that we bought for you!!!
tat’s about all…
dun feel like saying much today..
-Angeline- burping kway chap … yucks… i hate that smell… UGH!! *vomitz* argh…just joking…hehehehhe… going to sleep somemore…


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