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my bf bought some really cute figurines from comics connection today~~
n i took some pics of them…[coz that stingy *beep* …oh i forgotten this is not the stupid tagboard…the stingy arse refuse to gif them to me…he wans them for himself…]
so i wanna use this chance to flaunt my most most ‘mostest'[no such word] favourite character from HnG … Shindou Hikaru

but FIRST!!
the photos [quite low in quality] i took

the pictures were taken in the food court and Mos burger…
so well..the lightings sucked…
dun blame me for the poor quality pics…
so sorrie though…
but aren’t they cute?!?!?!

now …
Hikaru!! [of course the one i like is the grown-up Hikaru and not the kiddy one…im not that paedophillic…okie…abit but…hahahha]

This is Hikaru when he’s younger!!

He’s so cute!! did i repeat myself too many times?? so many to the extent that u feel like stoning me…
*angel preparing stones…for ya…GO stones…*
i don’t feel sinful for falling in love with ANIME/MANGA CHARACTERS…
-Angeline- feeling damn high for no reason


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