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haven been posting useful/intellectual stuff recently…
i guess i haven been doing that since the beginning of this blog…hehehehe
maybe from the exception of ‘Condamned’
of course…i’ve been bz…
watching my anime, reading my manga…
ooh…did i say reading manga??
im actually reading this!!

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons…
can u believe that Angeline’s reading something other than manga??~?!
she’s reading non-pictorial stuff…
i assure u — for the whole book … the only pictures are on the book cover…^_^
Dan Brown’s cool..
so freaking cool!!!
i super-duperly love his style…
its gross enough n yet doesnt make me lose my appetite like GITS did~~
(Bad bad Ghost in the Shell)
and all those things about Science and Religion…
I super love the ideas…
im only at the start of the book but i just love it so much!!
a quote from the book : “ ‘Shaitan?’
‘It’s Islamic. It means ‘adversary” … God’s adversary. The church chose Islam for the name because it was a language they considered dirty.
Langdon hesistates.’Shaitan is the root of an English word … Satan.’ “

oOps — did i make something obvious??’s just a quote that i tot was cool…
actually its not
stone me if u want!!!
-Angeline- waiting to be stoned by …ahemz… also … loves x100 her ORANGE Zen Micro…and Athrun n Tate n Hikaru…hehehe


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