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i’ve just watched finish episode 10 of GS Destiny!!
WAR is starting …argh!! saded…
and there’s a super fake Lacus …
manage to grab some screen shots from somewhere.. hehe
not from episode10 though …

KIRA!!! owww…isnt he cute!! i love his new clothes … his hair is longer too… if im not wrong …this episode is the 1st episode where he said his FIRST phrase in the whole series!! hahahaha
I JUST LOVE KIRA ….but he was my TOP fave in Gundam SEEd …
my TOP FAV in GS Destiny is …

ATHRUN ZALA!! hehe… he’s the main character now ya??? … got nothing much to say as im pretty dumbfolded when it comes to him …he’s just too charming … -_-“‘

I’m starting to think that Dulindal is cute too~
is tat how you spell his name …
anyway …he’s the Rep for Zaft/PLANT …
seems like a baddie to me…but i like baddies!!
just like Raito Yagami from Deathnote…eh eh hahaha
must be goodlooking + EVIL + clever …hai … HOW PERFECT!!!

[i tot the pix were not enough …so i decided to post some more from episode two of GS Destiny!! aka a diff episode from above]

Introducing another character that im starting to like also, [he din appear in the previous chap tat i was talking abt]

He’s the cool cool kind of character, and is a good fren of Shin …
im quite ANTI-Shin …hahaha
wat a stupid teenager with raging hormones…hahaha
joking…but i just dun like him…
maybe one day
i will grow to like him
[shin is in one of the pics with Dulindal, he’s in a pilot’s helmet]

-Angeline- going back to sleep


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