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Why four you might ask??
haha…coz this anime has alot of characters…
and …topping the list is the cutest… most good looking …
[These are all screenshots from the anime from various episodes!!]

Super cute!!! he’s trying to save Mikoto … this happened in the 1st epi… i guess i will save the comments for the rest of the pix..otherwise you will hate me …trust me … u will.. n if u happen to watch n u support Reito-san … u will!!!

Number TWO!!! It’s the cutest … Feline-ish …hehehe
i super duper luv her!!!
she’s so …cute…especially when it comes to food…n she luvs RAMEN …like me!! hehe
i think alot of cute people luv ramen…oops… 😛

Next !! it’s the ever popular junior high school BOY!!! well…it’s Mai-san’s younger bro … IT’s … Takumi-chan ..he’s just so…irresistable…i just like younger boys..hehehe
oops …did i just bloop my preference out??
nono i dint!!

Okay the last one is … Akira-chan!!
but i dun really have any screenshots on her…YEA its a her …
coz she just came out a while ago!!
she appeared as a room mate of Takumi … a boy..
very cool … hehe
she’s a HiMe too!!
she has a very low voice though lolz
but she’s just cool …girls at her level likes her too~~
hehe…i just like cool people ^_^

-Angeline- liking Tate more n more n more n more n more …… of course she hasn’t forgotten Athrun … she’s going to see him on Monday again …or is it Tuesday!!! coz her connection is so darn SLOW!!! argh!!


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