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but hey… i think my story is quite cool k?
there is actually a STORY behind everything
not some lovey dovey thing…
u can go ask my bf
i told him the whole plot thingy already
so well
go try out the first chap
its kind of crappy
doesnt say much
but im only introducing the main char n his surroundings
very vague i can say
but well
one step at a time la
dun kan cheong… hehehehhe
i can tell u wat is the whole story abt : It’s abt this guy Ray … he’s a vampire slayer…he belongs to this organization “Sun Warriors” … okok i noe the name is lame…i cant think of better ones…
everything is kind of in a world of my own
Vampires in my world will die or should i say burnt when they come in contact with silver, high concentration of garlic and sunlight [i noe what are u going to say… very BLADE right?? of course la…coz i took some of the ideas from blade wat…duhz… i got the inspiration to write this story after i watched Blade Trinity hahaha but the story is not Blade-ish…n its not a fan-fic, so dun think tat way]
Also , there is another way for the vampires in my world to die…that is …
to be bitten by another vampire… they will die almost immediately…
another fun-fact :When vampires bite (in my own world of imagination n of course for the story) they can “convert” or “feed”
-Convert = turns the other party into a vampire also ; they will not take a lot of blood from the person n will convert the other person into one of them through the biting; the thing is tat…the conversion process for a human is a week. (I just anyhow gave a time limit … hehehehe)
-Feeding = involving sucking a large amt of blood thus causing the person’s death ; before the person is converted … the person dies of losing too much blood …
There’s also other interesting things in my world of vampires tat i added in myself… will reveal them other days…
im freezing in my own room now…hehe
there is also a very cool background story to this whole story…hehe
tat is why this story is titled “Condamned”
it was Eric Ho who tot of the title
i guess he name the story Condamned becoz of the background story … hehehhee
^_^ tat’s all…
P/s: Bryant .. if u are going to say bad things abt this story … SAY for all u wan… im still going to write it.. i feel bad for not continuing my previous one..hehehe
Sorry people that my language suc… hahahaha
I just got a B3 for my GP only…=P [lousy results…kill me i ought to be condemned]
[okie eric ho…condemned is spelt with a ‘n’ argh…see my english suc]
-Angeline- still angry with wat bryant said abt her previous story being a hentai one when its not…ARGH!! and tat made her stop writing it… so she decided that she will make Condamned a good one…support her people…support her!!! if there actually is people to….. hehehe lolz


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