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this is my new room ….
i lazy so dun wanna type much coz im hungry!!!
i wan FOOD
but gotta wait till 6.30pm ++ before my grandfather buys dinner back
and i’ve only eaten three slices of bread n some ham + some chocolates + one banana for the whole damn day
what shitty life…
[eh …did i say i dun wanna type much??]

My new bed!! It’s 2.0 m high!! and it’s quite cheap!
also, the feeling up there is…hmm
i dunno how to explain but its ultra cosy!!

This is my new study table… from ikea also..
the part i like abt it??
yea u got it right??
the ORANGE part of the table!!
that’s maybe the only reason why i got this table!!

ok .. im really hungry…
so im going to stop talking crap

-Angeline-luvs Athrun


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