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I was away … to where u might ask…
that’s what im going to show ya…hehehehe
but well…let’s talk abt today first

I was asked to send the maid home…
duh…dun ask WHY IS SHE AT MY HOUSE AGAIN despite the fact the i sent her home the other day before I MIA…
n i was the one who brought her here…
courtesey of my shitty uncle!!!
really pissed me off…
anyway…i dun wan to crap abt him
he’s crap
will stink my site out

I bought my bed… yesterday tat is…
the ikea bed…
for $199+++++ lots of +
will show the bed as soon as its delivered to me on this saturday

so … as i was saying
after i sent the maid back to my mom’s house
ALL THE WAY BACK to east coast
i went sun tec city with my bf
trying to decide wat should we eat for desert
but we ended up eating supper
shit right?
at marche…hehe
i luv the stuff there…
but we ate minimal today
coz we had had dinner at my house…
nicey grandpa bought dinner for all of us including the maid…

well.. i had my most most fav , all-time drink (whenever its available)

SNAPPLE!! this n this flavour only!! hehehe
and we had pizza… i love the pizza at marche …
cheap and nice…n uh…filling~~

Just look at the amt of cheese…the lady serving us said “If you wanna add cheese…its another $2” and i was like…quite pissed…
coz i used to be able to add cheese without needing to pay…dunno why i need to pay now
n her attitude was shit…
dunno why marche changed their staff
to all the middle age people…they are all so grouchy…
Eric was saying, maybe marche had a joint agreement with WDA or watsoever and they’re hiring retrenched people…(not forgeting the fact that marche can pay them lesser)
ugh… i just hate their freaking attitude!!

tat’s all abt marche… thinking abt the middle age people who served me there pisses me off…

let’s talk abt where i dissappeared to~
I went Sentosa’s Shangri-La resort from 5 Dec – 7 DEc…
it was good but well…its really difficult to find food
breakfast was free…(buffet style)
but for lunch and dinner, we had to go HabourFront …
but overall …its still good
the first day, we kena a small room
n i wasnt very happie
(the reason we went back Shangri-la was becoz last year when my bf n i went shangri-la, we booked a big room and was pleasantly suprised by it…thus after tat…fell in love wif the executive suite aka big room)
so i was quite disappointed wif the small room
Eric was disappointed too la…
so we beared with it for one day…it was not very bad actually…
just that we had our hopes for a big room hung up too high…^_^
then the second day..we changed to the executive suite at an extra charge of 70 bucks
here’s how it kind of look like…
When you enter the door into the room …

You’re greeted by a living room, exclusive in the executive suite..hehehe
the small room din have tat…~~
there is a bar counter…
dvd player and sound system…
after that…you can enter the bed room through an adjoining door…not the one in the living room pix..but another one…(quite unseen)

there’s this super king size bed …hehe…and an armchair right in front of the tv…
not forgetting to mention the big big balcony which i din take a proper pix of…hehe

the room has excellent view too~
you can see the sea from the balcony
[i din take pix of tat too~ Eric did..if he send me those pic.. i will upload it~]

Some pics of moi!! [the ever egoistic me…hehe errr..okie crappy]

tat’s abt all
im really tired
gotta go rot again!!!

-Angeline- fell in love with Z3 … its a BMW if u dun noe hehehehe ^_^


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