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sian ar….
gonna take my communications paper in less than 2 hrs time…
anyway i gonna do some recap here…[know as feedback…but dunno to who…its not like my lecturer/tutorial teacher will be reading this…but well…lolz ^_^]
I learnt abt the four kinds of leadership in a grp…
happen to try to memorize it… tried to cramp it into my overloaded brain this morning…
n this is wat i got…
4 kinds of leadership
1- Authoritarian :
.one who exerts tight control over group n its activites
.if leader is efficient and held in high regard
.style could be accepted by group members
.could result in effectiveness
.if leader is ineffective
.problems will arise

2- Supervisory :
.one who is unable to fully entrust responsibility to group members
.either a personal preference or group members are incapable of funcitioning efficiently
.such leader prefer to maintain a close watch on group members and their activites

3- Democratic :
.works well with members who are trustworthy and responsible
.allows members freedom to practise their own judgement and take appropriate actions
.in this environment of mutual trust and respect
.desired outcome in terms of group goals is often achieved

4- Lassiez Faire [i dun even noe how to spell it] –
.one who adopt this method is often aphatic or irresponsible
.does not really provide any leadership or direction
.important information is often not made available to group members
.group members left to their own devices
.group morale suffers greatly as a result

how boring ya??
lolz… im not really into leadership…tat’s why…maybe some of u out there will find this information interesting…
i dunno—
lolz..anyway..almost time for me to get changed n leave the house…
wish me luck ya??
i need alot of it..
i hope watever i prepared will come out n not like the stupid 101 paper…
watever i studied din come out…n watever i din study came out!!
-Angeline- preparing for her 180 paper….damn…hates communication….


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