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*Tribute for Cockroach-sama*

[picture unavailable]

yesterday night… i was about to go to the toilet to pee …
n then i thought i smell bygone when i haven even entered the toilet…
and when i on the lights…
i saw cockroach-sama lying on the floor struggling…
poor him…
well.. i guess he’s very much dead … lolz…
so as his ex-underling…[or should i say he WAS my EX-boss…]
i shall hope that he died in peace…
rather difficult though…to be murdered by Bygone…
its either my uncle or my grandfather… – the murderer i mean…lolz
ermm…do i sound very chirpy n happie?? nah…~
im very very very sad that my boss died ya noe??
very very very sad… 🙂
well..RIP cockroach-sama…
the kitchen is MINE now…!!!

-Angeline- feels EVIL today


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