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What feature do you notice first on others?
– height, figure..hehehe…hairstyle…

What feature do you find the most attractive on
your face?
– eyes…hmm..nothing actually… gotta ask my bf actually..okok
he says “Your double eyelid”
but people says it looks fake…
Bf : “but they are natural wat..nothing to say la…haha…they look so perfect that they look made-over but yet they are natural..hahaha”

Would you marry for money?
– yes…i dun mind…hahahaha

Do you ever cut or hurt yourself?
– i dun have the gutz too~

Could you live without a computer?
– having so many lab works n programs to do…how i wish i dun have to live with a computer now…

If you could live in any past time period, which
would it be?
– sec 2-3 period… i will wan to change one WRONG/regretful decision i made…

Do you drink enough plainwater?
– yes..i m a water tank….(shui tong)

Do you wear shoes in the house or take them
-my uncle will kill me if i dun take my shoes off!

What is your favorite fruit?
– mangosteen!!

What is your favorite country to visit?
– Spain…wat am i learning Espanol for man!

Are you photogenic?
– hehehe
Bf: “Yes”
Wat a disappointing ans…sound more enthusiastic n affirming n assuring la…*_*

Do you dream in color or black and white?
– do people actually dream in black n white?? i think i do sometimes…hm…i dun really remember my dreams…

Why do you take surveys?
– coz im bored… n also people can read abt me if they bother to~

Do you drink alcohol?
– sometimes…but quite seldom…no kaki to drink wif bf dun drink hehehe..

What is the most beautiful language?
– Spanish..hehe
okok.. *ahemz* the “most” beautiful language is “Silence”
*ouch* he SCREAMED into my ear over the bloody phone!!!

When you are asleep do you like being kissed
– im okie with it…esp when its so comic-ish..hehehe
Bf: “I dun mind…ok…can la..can”
hey im not asking for your premission to kiss u awake k??
im juz doin the survey…damn u

Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?
– sunset…coz i dun like to wake up early…haha
hey but i can dun slp to watch sunrise…hmm…okok..can consider…
Bf:”coz…Coz…It’s brighter than sunset!”

Do you want to live to be 100?
– no…i wan to live a happy but short life…too long n lengthy very lo soh… dun u think so??not too short also la…hehe..maybe 60 will do…or maybe 70…
Bf:”I have no energy to do anything i want by then”
Gf:”Like wat?”
Bf:”What do u mean like waT??”
Gf:”Like wat la!!”
Bf:”Like go out n play la!!”
Gf:”100 yrs old u still wan to go out n plaY??!!”
Bf:”Wat?? cannot ar??”

Is a flat stomach important to you?
– Bf:”YEAH!!”
he shouted into my ear thru the phone again…okok
the thing is..he doesnt have one…
for me…i dun really care..hahaha

Are you tolerant of other people’s beliefs?
– im quite okie so as long they dun come n piss me off n try to influence me …

Event: Bf went to slp already…piece of shit… always like tat!!!

When you watch movies at home, do you like
the lights on or off?
– depends on wat kind of movies….

Do you believe in magic?
– not really! but i like david copperfield since young…

Do you think you can draw well?
– i cant draw for nutz…even my stickman looks ugly

Do you like cartoons?
– YEA!!! super duper like cartoon , anime…n manga

At what age did you find out that Santa Claus
wasn’t real?
– since young!

Do you write poetry?
-im not a very poetic person… i got horrid grades for literature…

Do you sleep more on your back, front, or
– more on the sides…

Are you basically a happy person?
– quite okie la…so as long is not when i juz woke up…or when i wan to slp…or when im hungry..or when the weather is hot…or when i having migraine…or when i feeling unwell..or when there are too many people ard me..or when its too noisy…or …etc…
im basically a very happy n nice person to be wif!! =)

Are you tired?
– okie la…

Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today?
– dun think so…man…i missed my coffee bean…

Have you ever met anyone from the internet?
– ya… i met my bf thru internet..speaking of him made me pissed!!!

How many phones do you have in your house?
(including handphones)
– 8

How long is your hair?
– shoulder length…juz cut it a month ago

What would the first thing you would do if you
wake up in morning and find out that your gender
has changed?
– i will go screw so chickx…im serious!!!n find out how a guy feels when having sex….hehe


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